You are in the right place if:

your business or life is not where you want it to be

you want meaning and purpose in all that you do

you want to regain control

you need a fresh perspective/strategy

you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed

Drive your business and your life with a compelling vision that sticks.

Don’t wait to see how things turn out.

The Case for Business Coaching

The Harvard Business Review offers the following statistics and reasons for business owners and leaders to work with a business coach:

  • 48% to facilitate a business transition
  • 26% to act as a sounding board
  • 12% to address problems derailing the company

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Executive coaching is one of the most accessible and time- efficient ways to learn.

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Intangible Benefits

  • 77% of the executives reporting improved relationships with direct reports
  • 71%, improved relationships with stakeholders
  • 67%, improved teamwork
  • 63%, improved relationships with peers
  • 61%, improved job satisfaction
  • 52%, reduced conflict
  • 44% reported increased organizational commitment

Tangible Benefits:

  • 51% increased productivity
  • 48%, increased work quality
  • 48% increased organizational strength
  • 39% improved customer service
  • 34% reduced complaints
  •  32% cost reductions
  • 22% increased bottom-line profitability
  • And more……..

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Other studies have found that working with a business coach increases goal setting and achievement, builds confidence in your ability to get the results you want. 

Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent. — David B Peterson, Director, Executive Coaching & Leadership, Google

  • Have you hit a plateau?
  • Are you losing key people or customers?
  • Does your team frequently miss monthly targets? 
  • Has focus and intensity waned, are plans derailed by distractions? 
  • Want your team to offer solutions vs. excuses?

Peter Drucker, Management Expert and Author posits “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I posit that articulating the right, compelling vision and aligning your company culture & values with it will shift the needle in all these areas.

Your company’s vision and purpose are your North Star while your values are your compass. A clear vision and core values embraced by the team and incorporated in all aspects of the business drives productivity and focus to attain extraordinary results.

I work with leaders and teams to map and connect company culture with the vision, values, strategy, goals, and objectives, creating an environment for business success and for team members to thrive. 

For those seeking solutions and open to learning, coaching is an opportunity for exponential growth. 

Company sponsored coaching contributes significantly to employee engagement and empowerment. 

Why not invest in coaching now, together we can create a plan for growth and unprecedented success for your business.

Habbakuk 2:2 Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.

Need further convincing?

Who do you know that works with a coach? 

The obvious is to look to the sporting arena but what about beyond? 

Did you know that Bill Gates has a coach and says “everyone needs a coach”, Eric Schmidt the Ex-CEO of Google concurs

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo is coached by Marshall Goldsmith. In other words extremely successful people want to get even better and, to do that they invest in coaching.   Atul Gawande, American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher says “Want to get great at something? Get a coach”

Your coach partners with you, holding your vision even if, at times, you cannot. A coach pushes and encourages and your team to achieve even greater results and helps you to uncover and beat any limitation that as held you back.

Don’t delay your results any further.