You are in the right place if:

your business or life is not where you want it to be

you want meaning and purpose in all that you do

you want to regain control

you need a fresh perspective/strategy

you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed

Drive your business and your life with a compelling vision that sticks.

Don’t wait to see how things turn out.

In business and in life Vision & Purpose are everything!


The following are results reported by those who work with me on their Vision and Purpose:

Regain control of life/business and develop new solutions

Gain clarity and a fresh perspective

Identify underlying beliefs getting in the way

Experiencing meaning & purpose in work & life

Live & work congruently with direction, values, and plans

Greater success

Increased productivity, energy, and joy for life

Other reported benefits are:

Improved relationships, workplace, family, circle of friends, church, community

More confidence, engagement, and influence

Doing & and becoming more

Agility, self-awareness, and acknowledgment of ability to adapt and overcome

Start working on these results for yourself now

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Like many, I had reached a point where I was not moving at the correct pace nor taking the right steps that will lead me to my calling and truly make a positive difference in the life of those around me. That is when I decided to seek the professional advice of Ms. Melanie – the best decision and most valuable investment in my personal life and professional career so far.

Ms. Melanie is a highly effective listener that will help you to question where you are, where you are going, and to produce answers or a plan on how to get there. Her sessions provide clarity of vision, goals, and core values essential for success in life, business, and as a true professional. I was not aware of how much some of my own values and beliefs (good values and beliefs at that) were holding me back. I was likewise not conscious of certain values that played in the back of my head and affected my every major decision. Coaching with Melanie has helped me to move my game to the next level and challenged me to continue improving on my best self. 

I highly recommend Coaching with Melanie.

Abner Valladares
Founder, Summit Accounting.Bz \\ Belmopan, Belize

Recently I started working with an amazing, productive, and professional Vision and Strategy Coach – Melanie Escalante. She has guided me to develop my business vision and strategy, and by completing this, my plans are to upgrade my performance, expand my resources, and ….become a valuable and successful entrepreneur.

As I went through the sessions it has definitely made me really think about my business and my life. What do I want? Where am I going? How will I get there? Why? When? It has made me appreciate myself, and my talent so much more. Although I have always been a planner and a to-do list-er, working with Melanie, made me able to complete my vision, purpose, strategies, and goals. I now have a structure with a purpose and a definitive plan. I can refer to these documents as I continue to live to my fullest potential.

Get coached to work on your business!

Karen Vernon
K V Events Planning \\ Belize City, Belize

In 2019, we engaged Melanie to facilitate our team approach to developing our company Vision, Mission, and Core Values. This something we had made several attempts to work on previously but we kept getting drawn to working in the business vs. on it.

Through sometimes deep and probing questions and intentional listening, Melanie quickly understood our culture and warmly engaged the team in effective brainstorming sessions. She was astute in noting and highlighting just the right words we were using in conversation to express who we are, where we want to go, why, and how we will get there. We were thrilled with the outcome, after 5 days working together we succeeded with developing a short to mid-term strategic plan.

While we have lived and worked our core values from inception, this tool has made a significant difference in our management communication having transitioned many years ago from a small family run business to a major competitive hardware business with 65 employees and 2 locations Belize. Little did we know then how much we would rely on our vision in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, having our vision and purpose articulated in this manner and embraced by our team has kept us focused, aligned and intentional about sustaining and growing our business so that we can continue uplifting and transforming lives through productivity and service for many, many years to come.

In addition to effectively facilitating the planning process, Melanie was extremely supportive with ideas and suggestions for a phased approach to communicating and rolling out the plan throughout the company. Melanie was also helpful with contributing to our capacity building objective as we formalized company org. structure, job descriptions, and employee guidelines.

Not only for her skills and personable, efficient, and effective approach but also for her reasonable/competitive rates, I highly recommend Melanie for any similar visioneering exercise.

Norman Dueck
Universal Hardware \\ Spanish Lookout, Belize

I believe we all have dreams, visions & passions locked up within us that’s yearning to be released and expressed freely to the world. We often see where we want to go but unclear on the right path to get there. That’s where I was at. In 2018, I knew something needed to shift in my life and I needed help in making that shift. I had access to great teachings, conferences, counselors; I attended several training sessions over the years. In truth, I was coming back from one such training. However, I needed help in breaking all that information down in the smart goals and life applications. I needed help to articulate my vision and let everything drive me towards the vision.

That’s where Melanie came in. She worked with me in drilling down to the core of who I was, to find the dreams and vision God has placed in my heart. She took the time to see & believe in it; while helping me to believe that I can achieve it. She championed me forward towards the vision. And didn’t allow the old thinking process & habit to get in our way but rather challenged me towards higher-level thinking that would move me forward.

If you are ready for transformation in your life, then you need Coaching with Melanie

Mervin Budram
TAS Belize Ltd./ Budram Solutions Ltd. \\ Belmopan, Belize